Alpine Meadow Perfume Oil

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Live an adventure of scent with  our Alpine Meadow Perfume Oil. This enchanting perfume oil will draw you in with its plucky, perky notes reminiscent of a lovely alpine meadow. Delicate raspberries provide a tart zest that's bright and inviting, while the shimmery floral notes of fairy roses and dewy buds serve to transport you to scented bliss. This light yet powerful scent will have you dreaming of unspoiled lands and lush mountain wilds - a perfect accompaniment for any journey!

Ripe raspberries, fairy roses, dewy buds 

*Comes in 10ml glass bottle and is perfectly sized for travel
*Phatlate free/paraben free fragrance oil

*Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance

*Keep away from direct sunlight
*Oil based fragrance is a more intimate form of fragrance meant to be worn closer to the body
*Apply fragrance oil to pulse points (near neck, wrists, back of hands, chest)