Desert Travel Perfume Trio

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Mojave + Joshua Tree + Sedona

šŸŒµ Transport yourself to the mysterious beauty of the desert with our Desert Travel Perfume Trio. Our Desert Travel Perfume Set is herbaceous and fresh and perfect for warmer months.

You will receive three of our 10ML perfumes that come packed in a sleek black travel tin. Toss it in your purse, backpack, or suitcase and get ready for adventure.


-Joshua Tree: agave + cactus flower (fresh and floral)
-Mojave: desert ghost flower + sweet cactus pear (fresh and mysterious)
-Sedona: sage and Sweetgrass (fresh and herbaceous)

Alcohol 39c, DEP, benzyl salicyate, fragrance

Remember fragrance is subjective and perfume smells differently on everyone due to individual skin chemistry; that is part of the magic of fragrance. Our fragrances are highly concentrated.