Hygge 2 OZ Perfume Spray

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Cashmere + Lingonberry + Vanilla Oak 

Hygge is a cozy fragrance inspired by the Danish concept of “Hygge” that refers to a state of coziness, conviviality, and togetherness in the heart of winter. It’s a beautiful comforting fragrance, like wearing a cozy cashmere scarf.

*Comes in 60ML glass bottle 
*Phatlate free/paraben free fragrance oil

*Keep away from direct sunlight
*Apply fragrance pulse points (near neck, wrists, back of hands, chest)
*Remember fragrance is subjective and perfume smells differently on everyone, that is the magic of fragrance

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"Hygge is so cozy and comforting. When I first tried it sometime back the weather was cooler. The spray was awesome. It lingered with a sweet and comforting sensation. I have been craving it lately and so happy to have it back. It brings to mind Autumn and Winter and all the good things that come along during that time of year. It is definitely a year-round scent, but it is a scent of comfort to me"
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"This fragrance lives up to its name! It is very warm and cozy and perfect for our wintry wisconsin days!"
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Warm and cozy, amazing scent!
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I just had to update my review. After wearing this perfume oil, I’ve had so many compliments on the smell. I’ve never had this many people want to sniff me