Adventuress: A female adventurer

Travel Inspired Fragrance

Inspired by adventure

Choose Your Fragrance Adventure

Embark on a Scented Adventure

Turn Your Shower Into An Adventure.

The Adventuress Soap Co® was founded in 2018 by Julie Sanchez. Our products are proudly made in Denver, Colorado. Each month we donate a portion of our sales to support local dog rescues. Read more about our story here.

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After wearing Hygge perfume oil, I've had so many compliments on the smell. I've never had this many people want to sniff me!

Customer Review

Wanderlust Perfume is beachy and fruity all at the same time!

Customer Review

Beyond amazed at how good this smells! I’m not a huge perfume wearer and was looking for something to throw in my bag, but this has immediately become my everyday perfume oil. The blend of vanilla and sandalwood is perfect, I’ll definitely be buying this over and over again.

Customer Review of Femme Fatale

Love getting to try new scents! The oil formula is nice and lasting. Will definitely order a larger one when I can decide what I like best.

Customer Review of Perfume Sample Set

I only use lip balms from this company since finding it. I love all the flavors I've tried.

Customer Review