About us

Hi I'm Julie - the adventuress behind the Adventuress Soap Co ®. 

The Adventuress Soap Co ® was founded in 2018 and our motto is "Shower. Adventure. Repeat."

I discovered a love of soap making back when I was an ex-pat living in China. One day, as I was walking along the leafy covered avenues of Shanghai, the scent of incense mingled with the humid air and led me to an idea: what if I made a soap and fragrance line inspired by my travels around the world? As a born traveler, I wanted to create a line of soaps and fragrances that could transport you to other places wherever you are. Fragrance is one of the most visceral of the senses and it has the power to transport you instantly back to a memory, place or person

I want my products to give you a slice of wanderlust wherever you are and I hope you make every moment into an adventure.


 Chase the Adventure Pup