Five Ways to Be More Hygge This Fall and Winter

Five Ways to Be More Hygge This Fall and Winter

As summer begins to wind down and we head into the cooler months of fall and winter, it's the perfect time to embrace the Danish concept of Hygge. The Danish have embraced the cooler and darker months of fall and winter by celebrating coziness, convivality, and togetherness. Here are give ways you can bring more hygge into your life:

1) Add Candles and Soft-Focus Lighting

Hygge is all about soft lighting rather than the glaring fluorescent lights we’re all used to. Soft-focus light is excellent for creating a cozy atmosphere. Add some beautifully scented candles to your space to create a hygge-inspired space that is perfect for cozying up. 

2) Use Fragrance

Hygge is all about relaxing the senses. Fragrance is fantastic for relaxing the senses and creating a cozy mood. Try our best-selling Hygge Perfume Oil to create a sense of coziness wherever you are. 

3) Add Cozy Textiles
Coziness is defined by comfy blankets and soft colors. We love adding cozy pillows, throws, and rugs to our space to create a quiet and intimate space.

4) Throw a Dinner Party
Hygge is not just about coziness, but also about celebrating togetherness in the heart of winter. Dinner parties are great for bringing people together to celebrate the season. Make it a pot-luck dinner where everyone brings a favorite dish. Have everyone turn off their phones and be present together.

5) Bake Together
Hygge is all about yummy baked goods, sweet drinks, and spending time together. Bake a yummy dessert like these amazing cardamom cinnamon buns. Or make some delicious mulled wine in a slow cooker. Or you can make these delicious hazelnut and cardamom cookies. Spending time together and enjoying the sweetness of life is what Hygge is all about.