How and Where to Apply Perfume for Lasting Impact

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How and Where to Apply Perfume for Lasting Impact

If you want to make a statement look no further than perfume. Here are the best ways to wear perfume for lasting impact:


1) Apply to pulse points

One of the best places to apply perfume is to your pulse points such as your wrists and neck. Your pulse points naturally emit heat and will diffuse fragrance throughout the day.

2) Apply to wet skin

Fragrance tends to stick better to moist skin. Apply an unscented lotion to your skin and apply fragrance over it to help it stick and last longer.

3) Apply fragrance to hair

Hair is one of the best diffusers for fragrance. For perfume sprays spritz onto hair. While most perfume sprays do contain alcohol, which can be drying to hair, a little can go a long way.

4) Choose perfume with heavier fragrance notes

Fragrances with heavier base notes like sandalwood and musks tend to stick to the skin better than citrus fragrances, which tend to fade faster. Choose heavier fragrances for more last power.

5) Apply to unconventional areas

Outside of the pulse points, you can also apply fragrance to some "unconventional areas" for lasting impact. Unconventional areas include behind the knees (which will allow the fragrance to rise and diffuse throughout the day) and behind your hands, which will allow your fragrance to diffuse outward.