Spray or Roll, the Choice Is Yours!

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Spray or Roll, the Choice Is Yours!

Perfume is a great way to express your style and show your confidence. But with so many different types of perfumes, how do you decide which one to buy? Should you opt for a traditional perfume spray or a perfume oil? Let’s explore!

Perfume Sprays: A classic choice, perfume sprays are easy to apply and come in a wide variety of scents. Simply spritz it on and you’re good to go - no need for multiple applications throughout the day. Many people find that spray perfumes last longer than oils, making them an ideal choice for long days at work or events that require all-day freshness. Plus, they look great in any bag or bathroom shelf!

Perfume Oils: If you’re looking for a more intimate form of fragrance, then consider investing in some perfume oils! Perfume oils are perfect for travel since they don't have as strong of "throw" as perfume sprays, so they won't impact those with a sensitivity to perfumes. Perfume oils may require multiple applications throughout the day if you want to keep smelling great. Oils are also a  great way to add layers to perfumes! I love adding intimate bursts of fragrance that only I can smell.

So there you have it - two great options when it comes to choosing a fragrance that fits your style perfectly! Whether you choose the convenience of a spray or the richness of an oil is entirely up to you; just remember that whatever scent you pick should make YOU feel confident. And after all… isn’t that what really matters? Happy shopping!