Fragrance Catalog

We love getting adventurous with our perfumes Here's a list of our fragrances from past to present. 

Signature and Seasonal Collections: 

Hygge: lingonberry /apple blossom / vanilla oak  

Wanderlust: strawberry / white lady peach/ amber / sandalwood

Adventuress: red currant / Egyptian musk 

Rocky Mountains: pine /wildflowers / cedarwood / crisp water 

Honey Trap: luscious honey / vanilla 

Secret Agent: vanilla / sea salt / driftwood

Sedona: desert sage / sweetgrass

Mojave: desert ghost flower / sweet cactus pear / amber

Joshua Tree: agave / cactus flower

Sweater Season: cashmere musk / sweet vanilla / soft woods / coconut 

Palm Springs: prickly pear, palm, black vanilla


Discontinued/Limited Edition Fragrance Runs: 

Autumn Glow: ripe pear / red maple / vanilla bean / amber

Bohemian: heliotrope / jasmine / lavender / sandalwood

Himawari: peony / bergamot / wild flowers / white musk 

French Concession: water lotus / ivy / morning mist 

Reykjavik: icicle accord / musk

Rome: neroli / warm amber / aromatic basil

Double Agent: black rose / vanilla

Amsterdam: cannabis / santal 

Trailblazer: woods / amber

Vagabond: sunflower / sandalwood

90's in a Bottle: cucumber / melon 

Mood Ring: pearberry 

Hard Candy: watermelon + sugar

Cereal Milk: orange / vanilla sugar