Hygge Eau De Parfum

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Perfume is more than just a scent, it's a way to create an mood and atmosphere. And this perfume is all about creating a cozy, comfortable feeling. It starts with a base of warm cashmere, which is then combined with notes of vanilla oak. These are softened with a touch of lingonberry spice, making for a well-rounded scent that's perfect for relaxing evenings at home. But don't be fooled by the sweetness: there's also a touch of spice in there, giving the perfume an added depth and complexity. And like all good things, it gets better with age: as the perfume wears on, the cozy scents come to the fore, leaving you with a warm, sensual scent that's perfect for snuggling up on chilly nights. So if you're looking for a perfume that will make you feel cozy and content, this is the one for you.

Scent Category - Cozy Oriental

Scent Notes - Cashmere | Vanilla Oak | Lingonberry Spice

All our perfumes are: Vegan | Cruelty-Free | Phatlate Free

Ingredients: Alcohol Base | Fragrance Oil

Our perfume comes in a 1 Oz glass bottle.

NOTE ABOUT FRAGRANCE: Fragrance is subjective and perfume smells differently on everyone due to individual skin chemistry; that is part of the magic of fragrance.

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“Hygge is so cozy and comforting. When I first tried it sometime back the weather was cooler. The spray was awesome. It lingered with a sweet and comforting sensation. I have been craving it lately and so happy to have it back. It brings to mind Autumn and Winter and all the good things that come along during that time of year. It is definitely a year-round scent, but it is a scent of comfort to me”
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“This fragrance lives up to its name! It is very warm and cozy and perfect for our wintry wisconsin days!”
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Warm and cozy, amazing scent!
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I just had to update my review. After wearing this perfume oil, I’ve had so many compliments on the smell. I’ve never had this many people want to sniff me