Rocky Mountains Travel Car Diffuser

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Notes: Pine and wildflowers

Vibe: outdoorsy, fresh 

Our Travel Car Diffusers are perfect for bringing our adventurous fragrances with you on the go.


Inspired by the beauty of our home state of Colorado, our Rocky Mountains fragrance has notes of pine, wildflowers, and cedar and smells like a hike in the mountains amidst the wildflowers.

Directions for use:

1. Unscrew the wooden lid and remove the plastic stopper

2. Screw the wooden lid back on securely

3. Tip the bottle for 1-2 seconds to allow the fragrance to lightly wet the wooden lid.

WARNING: if you tip for too long the fragrance has the potential to clog the wood and leak. 

4. Tie/hang from your rear view mirror or in any small space

5. Re-tip to refresh the fragrance and replace the stopper — we do not suggest re-tipping until the fragrance currently on the lid is fully dry to prevent leaking