Secret Agent Perfume Oil

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Secret Agent is an alluring perfume that smells like your skin but better. Intoxicating and alluring.

Vanilla, ambered musk, sea salt

*Comes in 10ml glass bottle and is perfectly sized for travel
*Phatlate free/paraben free fragrance oil

*Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance

*Keep away from direct sunlight
*Oil based fragrance is a more intimate form of fragrance meant to be worn closer to the body
*Apply fragrance oil to pulse points (near neck, wrists, back of hands, chest)
*Remember fragrance is subjective and perfume smells differently on everyone, that is the magic of fragrance

Caution: Perfume oils are not for consumption. Please skin test all products before using. Do not use if redness or irritation occurs. If irritation occurs wash with soap and water and contact your medical provider. Keep all perfume oils and fragrance products away from eyes and mucous membranes. Please keep all perfume oils out of reach of children and pets. By reading and purchasing this product, you release TheAdventuressSoapCo from any liability arising out of use of this product.